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I was searching the web about Thorin's costume, and, eventually, I found your site! *luckiest moments of my life* The problem is, I have around a month and not a great budget. Would I be still be able to make a costume of my own?


I am glad i could be at your service 

A month it is possible if you work really quick, but to make it properly good i would say 3 months tops if you want to spend time making good props and clothing. 

1. thorin fully armoured 

- If your going to do the full armour thorin from part 1 then you need 
1 blous, his armoury shirt, the blue coat, the leather coat, throuses,shoes, arm protectors, oakenshield, his belt maybe his key and swords and ofcourse the beard unless you can grow one your self 
Its a lot of work for one month, that is what is for sure, I think its work for 2 or 3 months because of the amazing amount of work you have 
(You can try to do it in one month, the only down fall is maybe that you get a crap result, sometimes) 

2. Battle of azanulbizar (option 2) 

- But you also have the young thorin at the battle of moria from part one wearing a blouse, chainmail, throuses, boots, oakenshield, leather coat and his belt and also the beard again 

I think this a amount lesser work then the fully armoured one BUT you need a chainmail and there heavy if you get them form the origanle stuff (trust me dont do it) But i geuss that is less then 2 months work 

3. Thorin in Lake town (option 3)

- Or you can go as the Thorin from lake town that is not that much work you need for that a blouse, throuses, a fluffy vest and a belt and maybe some bags and ofcourse the beard 
That is less the a month work if you plan it full as much as i can remember (and you could aways expand your costume after this)

I wish you all the luck in the world my friend (hope it was helpfull), let me know wich you choose and i want to see the end result (always so curious about them ;3; )


Some assorted Fili/Deano gifs for erinacchilove

'oh my how did that get there'


i have a cold and im angry


i have a cold and im angry


This is my blood you drink, this is my body you eat


This is my blood you drink, this is my body you eat